About The Artist

Zanna describes herself as a mostly-self-taught artist located in Delaware, USA.  She has been painting since childhood, with a concentration on art in high school during the '90s, but began painting in earnest around 2005 in an effort to work her way out of a dark point in her life as she dealt with severe depression.  Her work began selling shortly after, to friends, family, and strangers, and is now part of many collections across the US and Canada. In March 2014, she left a career in banking to begin painting and selling her work full-time.  Zanna has used several online avenues to sell her work, and took the step to create her own online store in October 2014. 

Zanna's "team" consists of several close family members and friends who take it upon themselves to provide encouragement, offer services such as photography and technical assistance, and share her work with everyone they can in order to assist in increasing her audience.

Zanna can be contacted directly by email at zanna3737@yahoo.com.  She also maintains a Facebook page dedicated to her artwork and often posts photos of works in progress.  To follow along, please Like https://www.facebook.com/ZannasAtticGallery.