Now That I Have Your Attention

long time no Z December 10 2017, 0 Comments

looking back, these two years or so have been the platform for a new kind of discipline - as much as i've made a conscious choice to get out of bed most mornings, i've made a conscious choice to be in front of the easel every day if i can help it.

solo show breakdowns, happy [mermaid] tales, and frrrrree shipping. clickety click. October 07 2015, 0 Comments

so sunday night my muscle-bound youngest son and i drove my dad's van down to Berlin and took down the 40+ piece solo show.  a small canvas print sold, but other than that it was the whole damn load to pack up, with wind and rain to boot hahaha.  and zanna doesn't always paint small you guys.  those big canvases will make you fly at just the right angle.

Serenity* has found a new home, a collector who couldn't make the show but immediately loved the painting when shared via email (technology rules!).  she's spending about one more week in La Studio before she's hand-delivered (i can't just hand over that lovely cruelty-free handmade coral to a shipping company you know).  i'll miss her, but will LOVE the freed-up space!

there's very, very little room in the studio now.  i've been considering removing many of the bigger pieces from stretchers and rolling them away now that they've all had their close-ups in order to gain some stretching room of my own, but oy, that's so much work and involves no painting at all...  ;)  i've also considered giving up on the idea of ever finishing the attic and just setting up, bare boards, jerry-rigged lighting just like the first Attic.  hell, a lot like the current space, with less drywall.  bought this house four years ago this month, and not a thing has gone into that top floor - which is why my entire house looks like a storage unit. buy a house with two closets total, they said, it'll help you live simply they said....

the windows are what's stopping me. ha. they are 105-year-old timber windows and at least one of them is nailed shut. absolutely wonderful and i'm sure when they're replaced i'll go all beach-artist on ya and paint them too...but in the meantime my work is sensitive to drafts and moisture and flying night things and squirrels...

excuses! valid, but nonetheless. the greats are rolling their eyes at me, if they're paying any attention.  ;}

anyhow.  as a thank-you for helping me clear some much-needed space while i teeter on the studio location issue (and let's not forget the option of BOTH) - i'm offering free shipping on any US order over $50 for the next ten days. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! click, shop to your heart's content, then enter discount code FREESHIP at checkout. i'll take it from there!

talk soon, 





Big Steps in Zanna's Small Art World September 06 2015, 0 Comments

hey there my friends!  long time no blog!  it's a busy life, squeezing in a few minutes to update everyone on all the exciting news in my little art bubble.  :)

BIGGEST news first:  i've just set up my largest solo show yet! mark your calendars for the opening of Now That I Have Your Attention:  Friday September 18, from 5-7pm.  41 pieces (37 - which happens to be my favorite number - originals, and 4 canvas prints) adorn the walls of the back hallway and upstairs gallery at The Globe Theater in Berlin, Maryland, an awesome restaurant/gallery, and the best venue for my artwork so far.  i've had work shown there a few times in the last couple of years, and i cannot get over how beautifully the red brick walls upstairs showcase my paintings.  if you've never been to The Globe, people, GO.  local beer, best food in town - best cream of crab soup i've ever tasted.

the show is running through the end of september, and while it's up you'll notice i've removed the availability of several originals on this shopping site.  the moment i get a chance, i'll see what i can add on to flesh out the Originals collection.  after the show, we'll see what happens!  in the meantime i hope some of you can make it out there to see all of my favorite personal work from the last decade. some titles you may recognize include Intention, Self-Doubt, Bittersweet, and the latest, Serenity.




mixed media on wood


in other news, i've been asked to assist in my tiny town's latest endeavor, The Better Block Project.  i'll be involved in a Pop-Up Art Gallery in Laurel, Delaware on Saturday September 26th from 11-7pm - there will be pop-ups all over the central in-town area along Broad Creek, including a beer garden, cafes, art and jewelry stands, music, a farmers market, along with kids' games and bike rentals, temporary bike trails and a canoe and kayak launch to represent what is planned for the near future.  hope to see you there!


as always, please feel free to share any and all of this information with whomever you wish! also, stay tuned to the Zanna's Attic facebook page for updates on future events and progress on current work! 

thanks for reading and keep clicking!